It begins…

Well, my first post.  It will obviously be about nothing because I haven’t prepared anything at all, but I figured I’d put something up so anybody who’s anybody will know that I’m here!

Basically, I’m all about science.  Being a geologist (not professionally, yet), I’m interested mainly in the Earth and how the gears spin, so to speak, but I find when I’m not doing work or school, I’m thinking about everything else that interacts with it, whether it be natural or man-made.  So basically this blog will touch base with everything science that passes through my brain, but brought to you in a way that’s not full of technological crap that nobody will understand, like Carl Sagan!

So, if you all just bear with me for a bit while I figure out how this blog stuff works, like inserting links and pictures, and all that fun stuff, then I’m sure it’ll prosper into a beautiful page with 1 or 2 people reading it… and possible commenting on it… that’s my short term goal!


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