Which universe are we in…?

It seems like wherever I am, I’m seeing more and more stories about space, or something happening in space.  Is it because I’m wandering through the science magazine section in Chapters?  Maybe…. but that doesn’t explain this article I found on the BBC.  Black holes are just messed… a gravity well so strong that it sucks everything down.  Even if you’re not into science, I’m sure you’ve heard SOMEthing about black holes in the news this summer, especially when the Large Hadron Collider started doing it’s thing.

A lot of the reason why people have heard of the LHC is because, rumour had it, that when turned on, it would create mini black holes as part of it’s…. work?  I don’t know how to decribe what it does right now, I will on a later post, but it’s pretty cool.  Anyways, people were scared that when it created these black holes, that the Earth would collapse in on itself.  It obviously didn’t, because we’re still here, but the experiment is young, and at the moment, broken!

Ok, back to that article, apparently the center of the galaxy is a giant black hole 4 million times larger than the Sun!  Who knew?!  Just looking at a galaxy, you kind of have to think something’s at the center.  It’s masses of material rotating in a huge disc around a myterious bulge at the center… something’s obviously going on.  Just google ‘galaxy’ in the pictures and ponder.  So this goes back to another article in Discover Magazine I read (pure coincidence) that suggests that there are multiple universes other than the one we’re living in.  Why do they suggest it?  Because our universe is magically and perfectly adapted to suit our needs.  Us meaning, life.  It talks of the tiniest change, for example if the size of an electron were ANY bigger, life wouldn’t be able to exist, or if the gravity of the Sun were any stronger, same deal.  I really suggest reading this article because it touches base with so many things, and also goes back to the giant debate between religion and science, suggesting an ‘alternative’ to a divine creator, which is actually the title of the article.


A simulation of the multiverse theory.

A simulation of the multiverse theory.

There are so many things that just don’t make sense, but to actually believe that some of these questions can be answered, like what a black hole really is, is pretty exciting (once you think about it).  Apparently the LHC, once they do their big experiment sometime in 2009, maybe, it will shed so much light into quantum physics, that these guys might actually figured out some answers to…. life.  Actual life answers… messed up!  But we’ll see…


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