Look topwise…!

Some things we most definitely take for granted.

One of them is definitely the Earth’s magnetic field.  I read that a huge gap was found in the magnetic field surrounding the Earth, but has most likely repaired itself by now (not like the ozone layer).  But if you’ve noticed a lot of northern lights over the past couple days, I’m sure that’s the reason.

The Earth’s magnetic field is basically a protectic shroud around the planet and deflects ‘solar storms’ from the Sun that come our way.  If it wasn’t there, we definitely wouldn’t be here, and this planet would be cooked to a nice golden crisp… much like the deep-friend wontons I just ate.

The Earth's magnetic field deflects all the crap the Sun sends our way.

The Earth's magnetic field deflects all the crap the Sun sends our way.

One of the things that makes this planet unique is it’s large magnetic field.  If it were any smaller, it’d be pretty hot, and the planet would be bombarded with just enough radiation to make life a little less possible.

But there’s nothing new with Earth being zapped every once in a while.

I was pretty young, but in March of 1989, 6 million people in Quebec were without power for 9 hours when an intense solar storm overloaded the Hydro Quebec power grid.  Unfortunately, those types of blackouts are the only time the average person knows what forces are at work above our heads, and don’t really stop to think about why we don’t have blackouts all the time!  The magnetic field… it’s a wonderful thing!


One Response to Look topwise…!

  1. V.K. says:

    Believe the Earth has a Guardian Angel?
    Look at this pic side ways.

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