Happy Winter Solstice!

Well as far as seasons go on this December 21st, the Earth begins it’s tilt back toward the Sun!

… But I guess that’s only true for all of us lucky enough to be in the northern hemisphere.  For everybody else, you’re heading away to your “winter”, whatever that is for you.  For us in Canada, it’s a shatload of snow, and it was -41C for the temperature here earlier this week, and my car doesn’t have a block heater, but it still muscled through!


I kind of wish we had some type of celebration for the solstice, along with the summer solstice (which I actually did one year!).  Not like they did back in Stonehenge days I’ll bet though.  I don’t know much about Stonehenge, which maybe I’ll read up on one day, but I’m pretty sure the solstices (solsti?) and equinoxes were wicked important!  Any thoughts…?  Wow, I’m way too ‘tired’ to post… damn these holiday drinks!

P.S.  Technically it’s 12:02am on the 22nd when I finished this post… *sigh* I tried.


2 Responses to Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. sarsen56 says:

    Hi and yes lots of thoughts, it’s pretty clear that Stonehenge was set up primarily in respect of the Winter Solstice. There are lots of reasons for thinking this, but them one concerns the logistics of its construction. Most photos will show that the smooth flatter faces of the stones almost invariably face inwards, but those of the Great Trilithon faced out (towards the setting winter sun). Archaeological excavation has also demonstrated that these major stones were raised first i.e. from inside, the others slid down construction ramps from the outside. Midwinter must have been something very special 4,000 odd years back! Well thanks for your thoughts – I’m not envious of the temperatures you are experiencing, but a little snow might add some seasonal décor to gloomy southern England right now.

  2. averyhenderson says:

    Actually, I had no idea that Stonehenge was in the UK. Look, I’m learning stuff already! That’s pretty interesting actually, but is there a similar setup for summer solstice? Why is one more ‘important’ than the other I wonder?

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