Happy Holidays, I’m angry…

I’m not really angry, more perturbed, but this literally happens every year.

Every winter when I wander through parking lots, or restaurants, or just in front of people’s houses, there are countless vehicles sitting there idling.

global-warming-photo-lester-brown-1I was at Chapters the other day (maybe Future Shop, I can’t remember), and I saw this jeep in the parking lot running, then when I was done my stuff in whatever store I was in, I came out about a half hour later, and it was still running!  Obviously this is nothing new, but what boggles me is why people live here when they’re cold all the time?  Wow, this is pure rant if nobody’s picked up on this already.

What really gets me going is when you see this kind of stuff in the summertime.  If it’s not for heat, it’s for air conditioning.  I was at a golf course when we noticed an SUV parked running with nobody in it.  It was running when I got there, so I can only assume it’s been running for over an hour.  Why you might ask?  Because the owners felt the need to keep their air conditioning on for their dog who was still inside.  That’s also a common reason for owners to leave cars running in the winter too… for the dog.  I hate to be obvious, but dogs are animals, yes?  They’re covered in fur, which usually does the trick.

20080225_tailpipe_2Anyways, say what you will, but I’m pretty confident I’m not the only one.  On that note, all that comes to mind when I see this pretty picture is some type of note I’d like to leave on the owner’s windshield.

Does anyone know where I could find such a thing?  Personally, I’d like the type of label that’s impossible to get off that you usually find on most glass things you buy (what’s up with that?), and will always leave that shatty glue that will never go away… but that’s just me.

If you don’t like the cold, live somewhere else.  Otherwise, suck it up and just drive for the 5 minutes it really takes your car to warm up.


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