The most depressing day may be approaching… for you.

How I remember an article from 3 years ago, I’ll never know.

But I guess this one struck a chord when I read it, even though it didn’t apply to me back then.  The most depressing day of the year can be mathematically derived.  Interesting stuff… I searched for the article on and actually found out it was from 2005.

A professor derived the most depressing day to be January 24th (of 2005) using values representing the time since Christmas, the cruddy January weather, your personal debt, and whether you’ve kept to your New Year’s resolutions.  It might be a different day this year, but you’d (somehow) have to plug in the value yourself.

Personally, I’d like to watch him go through the equation. I’m curious as to how you can put a value on the weather, and substitute it into an equation, then relate it to your debt and time.  Here’s the equation:

1/8W+(D-d) 3/8xTQ MxNA

Oh yeah, ‘M’ represents your motivational levels, and ‘NA’ represents your ‘need to take action’.  I have no debt and wicked motivational levels, so I think I’m pretty solid… any mathematicians out there want to figure out my most depressing day?


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