I don’t even think my life is worth $150,000…

…Although, keep in mind, to clone me would probably be a lot more expensive… I would hope.

I’m talking of course of the couple who payed a ridiculous amount of money to clone their dead dog.

Lancelot Encore, the dog... I've never heard of someone paying $150,000 for a second round of shitting on rugs.

Lancelot Encore, the dog... I've never heard of someone paying $150,000 for a second round of shitting on rugs.

I didn’t even know we were at that stage in cloning, seeing as I’ve only been hearing about cloning when the Dolly deal was going on, and then when stem cell research was a big deal (I guess it still is).  Which actually reminds me of a commercial I saw about donating some of your future child’s umbilical stem cells to a ‘life bank’.  They didn’t really explain what it would be used for, I’m assuming to replace (or ‘regrow’) failed organs, which is what all the talk was about before.

Anyways, back to the dog.  This couple had a dog that died last January of cancer and decided to spend $150,000 to clone him.  Alas, the procedure pulled through, and now they have an identical young puppy who will probably get cancer again (if it’s genetic).  But really, like I mentioned before, I didn’t know that we were at this stage in cloning, and it kind of threw me for a loop.  I swear, this is definitely beginning of RePet from the 6th Day, and Arnold’s going to be pissed…. again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but that’s pushing it… the couple must have realized their marriage was only held together through their dog… it’s a little sad.  But the only thing I love more than dogs, is cats!  I know, most people hate cats, but I love’em!  And lo and behold, I found out a cat was cloned in 2004 by an equally crazy, yet surprisingly wealthy, woman.  I’m kind of curious on how they gauge the price of cloning an animal.  I mean, to clone the dog was $150,000 just within the past couple months, but to clone a cat in 2004, which I figured would be more expensive (even for a cat) because of the technique being relatively new, it was only a breezy $50,000…

… interesting.  I wonder if we could put a price on how  much each individual person is worth by seeing how much it would cost to clone them.  Would it cost more to clone Hugh Jackman than me?  What if I were dead…?

*sigh* yeah, probably.


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