A sign of the times…?

So this it a little wrong…  Two satellites got a little too close for comfort today and hit each other.


Well, it must have been really uncomfortable because they pulverized each other, and it probably hurt. An Iridium satellite (wicked phones) and a Russian satellite collided creating oodles and oodles of more space debris.  But I’m thinking this should kind of be a message concerning the garbage piling up, not just on Earth, but in orbit too.

Yes, I know the Russian satellite was apparently messed up and out of control, which most likely caused the crash in the first place, but regardless, for two satellites to collide in space, there’s got to be a lot of s*%$ up there.  These satellites aren’t very big… they probably average the width of a two-lane street?… incuding the sidewalk?  Although the solar panels are pretty long, so probably a little wider.  But how many of those do you have to have in space before two eventually hit each other?!  I’m betting, a lot… Have we not learned anything from Wall.E?  Not yet, I guess…


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