Back again, and I’m not going anywhere for awhile…

Well, it seems like coming back home early was the best decision I’ve made yet.  Not one day after I come back, swine flu becomes rampant.  Does it keep me from getting sick?  Of course not… I still get this @!$#%*& cold as soon as I get back, which is getting annoying.


Flu virus (not swine).

Flu virus (not swine).

Now, I would love to write something about swine flu, but when it comes to biology, I’m back in grade school (or at most, grade 10), which is odd because my mom used to be a microbiology technician, and you would think I would take some interest, but no…

If there’s one thing that freaks me out, it’s pandemics, or just getting sick in general.  But just like many other people, I have this fear simply because I don’t understand biology very well, so instead of running around in hysteria and buying gas masks in bulk, I’d rather learn more about viruses and what makes some so much more worrisome than others.  I read an article (ironically in my mom’s office at the university) about superviruses and how they’ll be coming about as they mutate and adapt to our immune systems.  The article was probably from 6 years ago, and it kind of freaked me out then too.

But, when swine flu hit, my mind wasn’t focused on the spread, but moreover the true scale of it all.  With the distribution of news over TV, internet, radio and any other media you can think of, anything that happens seems so much closer to home because we have instant access to what’s going on anywhere on Earth.  So yes, over 40 people died in Mexico…. but what’s the population of Mexico?  And yes, 13 people are sick (all recovered) in Canada…. out of 30 million?  Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a problem, and it’s great that governments are taking action, but when you read a news article without taking in the true scale of it all, then yes it might freak you out, but I think I’ll be keeping my cool until something shows up in my local newspaper (and no, it’s not The Globe and Mail).

I wish I had a more glamourous post, but my eyes are watering from this damned cold, and I can’t think straight… hooray!  In the meantime, to make things seem even MORE closer to home, here’s a map where you track the spread of the swine.  Enjoy…!


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