America’s hand-me-downs…

Reading my friend’s blog, I remembered something that I forgot a couple months ago.  Who was the mysterious buyer who bought the Hummer?

I’m too lazy to find the article, but I remember to help with their debt, GM sold their Hummer line to an anonymous buyer, and now we know who!  I’m sorry if this is old news for some, but I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  This is my first post in ages…!


This probably isn't it...

This probably isn't it...

For some strange reason, this spring in my town of Thunder Bay, I’ve noticed a lot more Hummers rolling around, and it literally gets me down every time I see one.  Yes, Thunder Bay is very much a truck town, basically everyone owns a truck.  But there’s no such thing as a Hummer town, because they’re absolutely not needed in everyday life… it bugs me…

But, back to the point.  I’m not surprised that China picked up the Hummer.  China has long been in a position where, when an opportunity for ‘advancement’ is available, it’s taken.  Vehicles have only become  a part of everyday life in China within the past decade, and the thought of living the ‘American Dream’, in China, is strong in the minds of many.  My friend Jane has mentioned in her blog what I’ve been thinking every since China planned out the Three Gorges Dam, the largest dam in the world:

“If this is the direction they’re taking their wealth, I don’t think they’ll be in the limelight for too long before their own collapse.”

– Jane Porter

Working in the mineral industry myself, China is noticeably investing in a lot of the world’s gold reserve (the gold that’s still in the ground, mind you), and this act is becoming a symbol of China’s future.  China is accumulating a lot of wealth, however they’re too concerned with becoming a more noticeable power in the globe’s eyes, than looking towards the real future, where their resources will quickly diminish with the rest of the world’s, and Hummer’s will be quickly be seen on used car lots, more and more.

As America moves out of their arrogant, bad boy stage (believe it not), China is becoming what America was.  So it only makes sense that when an American icon becomes for sale, they buy it out, not really thinking why it’s for sale in the first place.

I can see  this trend continuing in the future, naturally, I’m just not sure how… with a pretty cramped population, I’m hoping a light will begin to softly dim when they try to squeeze in their newly acquired sale.  I wouldn’t stake my job on it though…

I hope I’ll get another post in soon… so many things to talk about!


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