The universe ‘explained’

First off, I have to excuse for the last couple posts… they’re basically pity posts.  I just haven’t found the time to finish off the ones I’ve started, then time flies and it becomes old news.

But fake apologies aside, this is pretty cool.  Obviously, the universe can never be explained, it can only be speculated upon.  This can be fun, but also frustrating at the same time  Fun because when you’re dealing with something like the entire universe, there’s so much potential for wondering how it was created that you can think of anything, and it would be plausible.  And frustrating because, you’ll never find out… But this video below is pretty wicked, and the woman easily explains all the theories that are out there about how the universe may have come to be, and what it actually is.

I do have to wonder about when they show the Earth, and they show an age of 6.77 billion years.  I’m not sure if there recording that as the age (because it’s really only 4.56Ba), or they’re trying to explain something else that I’m missing.  Someone figure it out for me!

I can see why the thought of multiple universes out there is appealing… it’s just effing cool… I dunno, you start thinking that there are other universes out there, then you’d start thinking about, hmmm, maybe they’re parallel universes, and then, oh man, what if there’s another me out there, and cut off jeans are still cool, so I’d be a total ladies man.  Not bad… But it does put things in perspective about our place in the universe… or universes… universi?  Not so much a question of if we’re just a blip in the cosmos, but more like how small of a blip, because we’re guaranteed to be only a blip.  Most likely smaller than we thought, which is pretty damn small.

But don’t worry my fellow blips!  Life still seems pretty big from down here, so there’s plenty of it for everyone… go enjoy!  Which is hard to say when you’re stuck in this damned airport going back to where you just came from because your flight’s been cancelled due to…. yes… lack of available aircraft.  Enough said…


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