I’m getting lazy with my post titles… Alright, so I’ll admit, I’m a cat man.  Don’t get me wrong, dogs are awesome, I have two.  But there’s just something about cats that are just…. VERY awesome… but they’re still bitches.

What’s even cooler, are big cats… freaking awesome.  I saw a cougar once from a helicopter a few years ago, but the MNR likes to keep their sighting under wraps for some reason.  Anyways, an elusive big cat, known as the African golden cat, was photographed in the thick jungle brush of Uganda.  Apparently only one picture exists of the mighty beast, and you can barely tell it’s any other type of cat because it’s in black and white… but I’m no cat expert, so I’m sure there are tell-tail signs (get it?  tell-TAIL signs?!).  You don’t have to acknowledge that, I already sacked myself for it.

The african golden cat, scowring for some tasty golden eagle.

The african golden cat, scowering for some tasty golden eagle.

This kind of makes me think about the endangered species list.  There are a ton of animals on that list, but you would think the ones that you’d never see or hear about are the ones that are most likely the worst off.  I don’t know how it works, but if nobody hears about them because there are so few, then I guess they wouldn’t be hunted?  Dammit, I just don’t know.

I love how they say in the article (click on the picture), that the cat is so rare that very few scientists in Africa have seen it, ha!  I kind of figure that the fact that people never see this cat is the reason it’s rare to begin with, no?  Call me crazy…


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