The end is nigh…

Damned things...

Damned things...

I figure this is the sign we’ve all been waiting for…

I always thought there was something just not quite right about squirrels, and their nervous jumpy ways.  We have red squirrels up here in north Ontario, but grey squirrels have been (sneakily) making their way up… there’s one that walks along the fence in my backyard, stealing all my fruit and nuts, car keys, etc.  For some reason, people think they’re super cute, until they get their face bit off.  That’s why I like having a cat around, but alas, I don’t.  But apparently, in a bizarre twist of nature, a squirrel maimed and attempted to kill a bat, which is unusual… so now they’re out to kill… perfect.  Now they’re getting the extra weary eye from me.

By the way, have you ever googled squirrel for images?  For some reason they’re all dressed up, and it’s disturbing…


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