More blackey holeness.

People seem to really be digging the black holes these days, but I don’t mind one bit, because as soon as there’s a story about one (and I actually hear about it), then it’ll be here!

So to keep on with that theme, Chinese scientists have apparently created an artifical black hole, without the help of the LHC.


Some type of experiment... can't really even make something up at this point.

It an attempt to actually capture and trap visible light, an 8.5 inch black hole was created.  However, don’t worry your pretty little heads, because unlike your typical black hole out in space, this one was induced magnetically, not gravitationally. The reason the LHC was so ‘frightening’ when it turned on, was for the fear of creating a black hole which would pull everything around into it’s blackey abyss, which includes this fantastic, oxygen-bearing planet of ours.  However, this one is not the same.  In other terms, instead of sucking in the surrounding light into it’s center, this artificially created black hole, bends the light towards the center, creating a relatively harmless black hole, except for all those stupid photons… AAAHAHAHAHA!  Useless I tells you!

Anyways, with the advancement of this technology, the hope is to create a ‘trap’ for light gathered from the Sun via solar cells.  Sort of like a storage for sunlight, which sounded a lot cooler when I wrote it.  Doesn’t that sound cool?!  Imagine carrying a briefcase of sunlight around!?  I know that’s not exactly what they intend to do, but it’s still cool… so shut it!


3 Responses to More blackey holeness.

  1. ghettoblackify says:


  2. jarrod says:

    If it was in a briefcase would it be like light from no source coming out?

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