Google Street View throughout Canada!

Well, it’s official… The Google Street View car has sneakily driven every street in my city.

I never really had any use for street view, too be honest.  And now that it’s finally covered in my town, I still have no use for it.  Not like I’ve never used it before, but when you’re looking ‘through’ it in your own town, it becomes a little creepy.  You never think of it when you’re looking in other places, because you’ve never been there.  It’s like TV.  But when it becomes familiar, that’s when you kind of get a half-assed reality check about what you’re really looking at, and what you’re using.

I’m sure there are plenty of uses for street view; instead of just knowing where a restaurant is, you can look it up and actually see what it looks like, which can pretty handy.  But Google has been under fire more than once for privacy issues, or simply people just thinking “ummm, should they be doing this?”.  Google Earth being the biggest, but it’s just like any program or system that handles any personal information.  For example, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Facebook in the headlines for privacy control in Canada, which I honestly can’t scrutinize because they’re just looking for the interest of the users.

But what I do want you to do(whoever’s reading this) is think, “Would I really freak out if my blurred picture was taken in front of my house?  What is honestly the worst that can happen?”  You’d freak out, then what…?  I don’t know what possible information they could get off of a picture of your house… even if you were hoola-hooping naked on your front lawn, the best you’d get is on one of those ‘hilarious things found on Google Earth’ sites, which I believe I would be proud of…. I think hoola-hoops are on sale for a buck this week…. I’ll be right back.

Here’s my house, looks pretty decent I guess (I just bought it). You can’t even see my house num… oh shit, I forgot to wash my bank account info off the sidewalk!

UPDATE:  While this is an old story, and while still hilarious that they were chased out of their town, the villagers do make a valid point.  Check it here…


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