Guess what? MORE holes into the abyss…

… And no, I’m not talking about your mom.

Discovered by two smart people at the University of Arizona, two black holes that are not only ‘supermassive’, but also theorized to be the most primitive black holes discovered so far.

Black hole..... just a young'in.

How do they know this?  Well supposedly, in the beginning, there was no dust… literally.  Seeing as the universe had barely been created, cosmic ‘dust’ has not yet been created to float around the universe, therefore could never be accreted into the classic dusty disk that is commonly seen swirling around the common black hole that we’re used to seeing so far.

Think of it like Saturn.  You know, the planet with the rings.  Now Saturn’s gravity is so great, that it attracted all dust and rock into it’s orbit, creating it’s rings.  Now, if Saturn was created just after the creating of the universe, it wouldn’t have any rings because there would be nothing around to be sucked into it’s orbit… this is obviously hypothetical because technically nothing would be around to created Saturn either.

Anyways, when NASA was looking for black holes (or not looking for them, I dunno), they were looking for classic signatures involving quasars with accretion disks (rings of dust) to be associated with them.  So when they were surprised to find these two without any of those classic signatures, then I’m sure you can figure out the rest… because I just mentioned it.  Above.  You didn’t read it, did you?  Shhiiiitt…

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