What the hell…?

Pills!!  Now with AM/FM radio…

I’m still not sure how I feel about this… Medication nowadays is being inserted with tiny antennae that will transmit a signal to whoever, that the pill has indeed been taken.

The goods....

I didn’t know that this world of ours had such a crushing problem of people not taking their meds.  So, some smartass decided to input a tiny antenna, obviously non-toxic or else that would kind of go against the idea of taking your meds in the first place.  Also, wrapped in silver, which we ingest in minute amounts every day anyways.  So if you overdose and live, maybe you’ll shit out a nice watch in a couple days (too soon?).

What I’m curious about, if you read the article, is why they tested these pills and antennae on cadavers.  I’m just honestly curious, I don’t know anything about medicine, sooo….. anybody?


One Response to What the hell…?

  1. Claudia says:

    I googled black holes, for random reasons that will take too long to explain in a blurb about how awesome your blog is.

    So yes, your blog is great, I don’t really read them, and never reply, but I have a soft spot for the wickedly witty and irresistibly intelligent. Well, great job.

    And yes, there is actually quite a large problem of people going off their meds, they range from those with mental disorders to hypertension. Some for valid reasons like they can’t afford it, and others as simple as “I LIKE feeling crazy.”

    Either way, your writing is witty and I wish you best of luck with your future studies and sciencey type things. I too am on the slow track to nowhere in particular in the science realm.

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