Hooray, I’m not dead!

Yep, it’s true.

I know I know, many of you were supremely worried (and by many I mean maybe one of the three people who still visit my site a day).  I don’t know who you are, but that’s what my little WordPress chart tells me!  I was getting curious.

So it seems like ages since I’ve actually written a post, and realized it’s only been since 2010, which is not nearly as long as I thought, but I can imagine the eternity it seemed like to my die-hard fan(s)!  While I can’t make any promises with the persistance of posts, a friend of mine oddly enough discovered this blog and said she really liked it, so with encouragment like that, why would I stop?!

It’s funny how writing & publishing work.  My job (as in day job) involves writing quite a few reports, and you don’t realize what progress you’ve made in writing style until you compare it with what you wrote only a year before.  Before writing this post, I had a fun little look-over of my old posts, and they already “sound” out-of-date, with respect to my writing style.  I’m not saying this blog is by any means formal (shit, crap, fuck, toolface), but it’s still nice to know I’m making progress…. Or at least feel like I’m making progress.

But oh the things I’ve missed writing about!  From tsunamis and nuclear power, to trucks full of bees tipping on the highway and my unrelated awesome cooking skills these days!  Not to mention particles going faster than the speed of light?!  What the hell…?  Anyways, so hopefully I’ll get back on this tippy ball of mine, and put out some posts!

But for now…………….. stay tuned.



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