Caustic Soda…. I might be the last to know.

… But oh well, I’m always glad to stumble upon a podcast of awesome.

So Caustic Soda is a fantastic podcast, mostly concerned about the most random, yet oddly relatable topics you can think of. It’s quite morbid, which is basically a required personality trait for my family, so I’m quite naturally drawn to it.

Like I mentioned, I’m pretty behind on the episodes, but just finished listening to the Music episode, which touches base with music used in the U.S. military as an experimental form of torture, which actually makes ridiculous sense. One of the songs mentioned was “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel, and when it was mentioned I couldn’t remember how the song went at all. Later on that day, had a tune in my head I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was, until my girlfriend said “Why are you singing We Didn’t Start the Fire?”… Human brains, I tells ya!! Crazy shit….

Anyways, I digress. There’s often a solid guest host on the show, in this case Canadian comedian Sean Cullen. If you’re looking for solid Sean Cullen, CBC’s The Debaters, specifically Pie vs. Cake is a good place to start (Season 4, I think). Regardless, the podcast was a good find, and chock full of fun facts. The website is just as awesome, with extra material that is just too damned visual for a podcast.

Check it out and enjoy!

Caustic Soda Podcast


4 Responses to Caustic Soda…. I might be the last to know.

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for listening to the podcast Avery. I’m not one of the hosts, but I was a guestpert 4 times and hope to be back.

    All the best,
    Mr. Dr. Greg Bole

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! I remember you on some episodes, actually… Particularly, the jellyfish episode. Ironically, I was listening to an episode of CS when I got your comment, ha!… I’m pretty far behind.

      Thanks again for finding my posts, and check back when you can…! After moving to Iqaluit, I’m finding a little more time to write some new posts, finally.

  2. Jon Snow says:

    It’s so much fun! I always recommend people listen to the Journalism episodes because they’re great!

    • Those are good espisodes… They’ll drive you over the edge though, because of that woman jounalist they talk about (I can’t remember her name). Makes my blood boil; not recommended while driving.

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