So THIS happened this week…

September 27, 2014

I just don’t get it… Why do people still make decisions like this?

A mall in Guildford, BC, completely removed their physical playground for kids and replaced it wiiiith…. iPads.  I just don’t understand… With all the publicity out there, all the articles, all the journals saying that our society is getting too fat, our kids imaginations are crumbling, and our overall brain power is essentially dwindling to nothing… STILL companies do things like this; the complete opposite of every journal, every article, every news story.

What a nice camping theme.... There's a waterfall, a tent, a tree.  It's almost like you're outside!  Now keep in mind, this is the BEFORE picture...

What a nice camping theme…. There’s a waterfall, a tent, a tree. It’s almost like you’re outside! Now keep in mind, this is the BEFORE picture…

This seems like the typical playground… Kids playing, just overall ridiculously excited to be just… climbing.  I wish I could still get excited over simple things like that (even though sometimes I do), but I think it’s the fact that’s just so easy for kids to enjoy the little things, that they should be encouraged to do it!  Seeing as all the parents are sitting on the sidelines… Which, again, is typical, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that.  They’re tired.  So why the mall completely overhaul this playground…?

... And the AFTER.  No more climbing, jumping, romping... unless there's a sweet climbing/jumping/romping app on those iPads.

… And the AFTER. No more climbing, jumping, romping… unless there’s a sweet climbing/jumping/romping app on those iPads.

Liability.  We live in a world where everyone, everywhere is afraid of getting sued.  A kid’s not allowed to get a couple bumps.  A worker isn’t allowed to lift a heavy box without permission.  A coffee joint isn’t allowed to sell coffee without a warning to the drinker that the hot coffee is indeed…. hot.  Every action by a company and government, is to protect them from being sued.  And rightly so….. why?  Because there are people out there who wait like sharks for the chance TO SUE.  Because then all of their financial troubles will be over at the expense of someone else.  But they don’t care…. They slightly burned their hand with coffee, so they deserve it.

Seeing as I’m essentially leading into a subject that I’ll probably be writing about separately (and believe me, it’ll be long…), I’m going to leave it there.  However, there’s another blog written by a man who actually took his kids to this playground (before the transformation), and he wrote a pretty good post about it, more geared towards stupid parents, which I like.

Now, apparently a volcano has gone oofff in Japan….


Dubai: You’re just so crazy…!

January 11, 2010

I’ve been meaning to write about Dubai for probably the better part of a year now, but now so much has happened since then, that I can’t fit it all into one post!  So there’s going to have to be…. MORE THAN ONE!!

The Burj Dubai..... best Wi-Fi hotspot in town.

If you haven’t been following the news at all, the Burj Dubai finally opened it’s doors last week, officially becoming the tallest building in the world.  Now, I honestly don’t know how I feel about Dubai.  Here you have a city that, over the past decade, has built itself up into one of the greatest, and definitely expensive and posh, cities in the world, completely built on oil.  And while I’m not a big fan of such luxuries being created due to this, I can’t ignore the other side of the coin.  That is, that this bizarrely successful city presents a number of opportunities for the creative types to put their creations on the map.  The Burj Dubai being one of them.

The Burj Al Arab... your retirement wouldn't last 2 days.

The first being the Burj Al Arab, the famous ‘sail’ hotel off the coast of Dubai, becoming the first 7-star hotel in the world.  And it’s a hotel alright… I think I heard just to have lunch there (without booking a room) is somewhere in the range of $2500, which is freaking ridiculous, but so is Dubai itself.

To get an idea of just how huge the Burj Dubai tower is, the video below is a fly-by of the now famous building, which still blows my mind.

That’s about all for now, but maybe I’ll actually write about something interesting next time, who knows!

Giant tool makes $35 Million trip to space

September 30, 2009

What a fail, in my books anyways.  This morning, the Soyuz spacecraft took off towards the ISS (International Space Station).  It’s passengers consisted of a Russian cosmonaut/scientist, an American astronaut/scientist, and finally, a Canadian entertainer/f#@%ing moron…

I want to punch this man in the face...

I want to punch this man in the face...

Yes, Guy Laliberte, founder of the famous Cirque du Soleil acrobatics show(s), took off into space as the first Canadian space tourist.  This seriously drives me nuts… not so much that he’s up there, but the fact that he spent a cool $35 million to do it.  $35 million smackers to go to a place where your presense in no way benefits anybody… anywhere.  If it does, for the love of god someone explain it to me.

He’s a billionaire… great… and yes, I’m sure he’s donated to several charities, and helped out a lot of people, sure… But this seems like a pretty smug move, I mean, look at his smug face!!  In one article, he said he’s going to “tickle the astronauts [on the ISS] while they sleep”.  Really…??

Guy Laliberte’s Space Itinerary

9:45am – Lift off

10:30am – Tell jokes while pilots are trying to fly billion dollar machine.

11:00am – Dock with ISS, see how happy people are to see me.

11:01am – Begin doing nothing, because I’m useless.

1:30pm – Bedazzle space suits.

4:45pm – Decorate science lab!

6:00pm – Eat alone.

9:45pm-Midnight – Tickle astronauts.

Next day – repeat.

Really, I hate this man, and I’m embarassed to be even remotely associated with him as a Canadian… yes, I’m judging a book by it’s cover, but I don’t care.  You would think $35 million dollars could buy him a better reputation, but I guess that would be a waste of money.  Alright, I’m done…

Neverending climate change…

May 26, 2009

I’m in the midst of reading a really good article following 4 experts (I hate using that word) discussing the up-to-date ‘what’s going on’ with climate change.

… And I came across a wicked quote.  First off, there are so many different opinions with climate change, I probably shouldn’t even bother writing about it.  There are so many steps, it seems, into doing anything about climate change, or any global change for that matter.  Having people believe it’s actually happening, is step one.  Having governments to believe it’s happening is step two.  Having governments believe in what their people are believing, is yet another step.

gordon-brown-sleeping-6-17-08Personally, I think climate change is a total lost cause… Yes, I believe it is happening, but do I think we’re going to end up doing anything about it?  Definitely not… most ‘solutions’ that we hear about in the news, are very quick and very local fixes that basically put the public mind at ease.  Those will last for a few years, until people realize that nothing has really been done because the global effect is still occurring.  This is the reason I completely agree with this quote:

“… I’m also optimistic about our abilities.  Unfortunately I’m pessimistic about our wisdom.  We have the capability to do amazing things in a short amount of time, but it takes a political decision with follow-through.  I’m not confident we’ll get it.”

Ken Caldeira

While there are definitely a lot of skeptics out there, there are also many people who want to do big things, and yes if they have the motivation and drive to do it, then they’ll succeed and get scholaships and recommendations, and publish their work in journals and magazines.  Unfortunately, when it comes to contributing to a global society, you have to go through the politicians, and they’re most likely not as interested as you are.

So, my personal conclusion is that, yes, things will be done to help with climate change… will it change anything on a global scale?

Definitely not…

Obama’s mustard………… what?

May 9, 2009

Alright, this has so little to do with science, it’s not funny, unless someone wants to do a study on why people feel the need to publish stupid crap like this.  I came across this article yesterday, and I just…. like, what?!…. was a reporter sent out on assignment to do this?!

Obama 2008

Really…?  I don’t have any mustard on my hot dog, does this mean I can’t even run a breadmaker let alone a country?  I’m just boggled by this story… anyways, I’m perturbed.

What the eff is PETA doing…?

February 17, 2009

I’m all for the proper treatment of animals.  I have dogs, cats, sheep, a horse, a llama, and quite a few chickens (all free-range, just to let you know).  But seriously, how come I’ve been hearing so much about PETA these days, and the crud they’re campaigning?

At first, I’ve just been brushing off everything I hear about PETA these days, but over the past couple weeks, I’ve been hearing a little more than usual.  From PETA’s Sea Kitten campaign, to their banned Super Bowl ad that promotes ‘vegetarians having better sex’, which obviously is part of their equally bizarro ‘Veggie Love‘ campaign… actually the sea kittens are more messed.

Awww, they're just SOO cute...

Awww, they're just SOO cute...

My friend Kat sent me the link to the ‘kids stories’ about sea kittens (they’re on the page somewhere), which I wouldn’t show my never show my would-be kids… first off, because they’re depressing, secondly, because it’s a stupid campaign.  Humans have been fishing for ages and I would bet it would’ve probably been one of the first sources hunted food.  I really don’t even know where to start with us, to be honest.  It seems like a lot of money is being spent on these campaigns that they must know that most people think is a joke.  Click on the link to the ‘sea kittens’ campaign to actually see how many people they have on their petition… for the world’s biggest organization against cruelty to animals, 7,000 people is not very many.

Don’t get me wrong, lately there’s been a lot of news of overfishing and fish farming, and it’s becoming a problem

… but there are definitely ways to go about doing something about then trying to get everyone to call fish, sea kittens.  I hate to say it, but all the fish in farms are not going to be released because all of sudden, they’re just so damned cute.

Here’s something for you….

in January, PETA wrote letters to the principals of Whitefish High School of Missoula, Montana, and Spearfish High School (South Dakota?).  The letters outlined reasons why they believe the names of their respective schools should be changed from their current name to Sea Kitten High School.  First off, where the hell is Missoula, and why do we care?  There’s a Whitefish Elementary School right here in Thunder Bay, and it would probably get just as little recognition from a name change than the one in Missoula.

I’ve had nothing against PETA until now, and I see these campaigns that are not being taken seriously, when I’ve seen CBC documentaries on dog farms (land puppy farms) in Quebec which get the message across much much better, and they’re more likely to get sympathy from me than PETA ever would.  Anyways, that’s all I have to say about that…

I’d recommend checking out these campaigns for yourself, and even comment back on my site about it, because I’d definitely like to hear other opinions.

Sea Kittens Campaign

‘Veggie Love’ Campaign <— this one has the banned Super Bowl commercial.

I don’t even think my life is worth $150,000…

February 2, 2009

…Although, keep in mind, to clone me would probably be a lot more expensive… I would hope.

I’m talking of course of the couple who payed a ridiculous amount of money to clone their dead dog.

Lancelot Encore, the dog... I've never heard of someone paying $150,000 for a second round of shitting on rugs.

Lancelot Encore, the dog... I've never heard of someone paying $150,000 for a second round of shitting on rugs.

I didn’t even know we were at that stage in cloning, seeing as I’ve only been hearing about cloning when the Dolly deal was going on, and then when stem cell research was a big deal (I guess it still is).  Which actually reminds me of a commercial I saw about donating some of your future child’s umbilical stem cells to a ‘life bank’.  They didn’t really explain what it would be used for, I’m assuming to replace (or ‘regrow’) failed organs, which is what all the talk was about before.

Anyways, back to the dog.  This couple had a dog that died last January of cancer and decided to spend $150,000 to clone him.  Alas, the procedure pulled through, and now they have an identical young puppy who will probably get cancer again (if it’s genetic).  But really, like I mentioned before, I didn’t know that we were at this stage in cloning, and it kind of threw me for a loop.  I swear, this is definitely beginning of RePet from the 6th Day, and Arnold’s going to be pissed…. again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but that’s pushing it… the couple must have realized their marriage was only held together through their dog… it’s a little sad.  But the only thing I love more than dogs, is cats!  I know, most people hate cats, but I love’em!  And lo and behold, I found out a cat was cloned in 2004 by an equally crazy, yet surprisingly wealthy, woman.  I’m kind of curious on how they gauge the price of cloning an animal.  I mean, to clone the dog was $150,000 just within the past couple months, but to clone a cat in 2004, which I figured would be more expensive (even for a cat) because of the technique being relatively new, it was only a breezy $50,000…

… interesting.  I wonder if we could put a price on how  much each individual person is worth by seeing how much it would cost to clone them.  Would it cost more to clone Hugh Jackman than me?  What if I were dead…?

*sigh* yeah, probably.